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> Barcelona, dream factory

Barcelona is a great city that has made itself a place in the map of the world. This cosmopolitan city is a capital of culture and avant-garde architecture, but also has an intimate and nostalgic side. Barcelona 's past is clearly marked with an industrial period. This fact merges with this new city of services.

Several exhibits have been made with these images and a book called “ Barcelona , dream factory” has been published by Barcelona city council. Entrar

> Delta

Delta Del Ebro is the biggest wet zone of the Catalan land. With 320km of surface is one of the most important aquatic habitats on the west Mediterranean coast. We must mention that the biologic part contrasts with the urbanization of the zone. The harmony between nature and the human exploitation of the land has never been easy.

I think that Delta del Ebro's landscapes have a very high artistic value. Entrar

> Elemental spirits

What I show you here is not a monothematic photographic project. It's most of all a selection of images that follow the line of my usual work and show my personal view of the world that surrounds us.

The truth is that the photographer's eye never rests and therefore is not necessary to have a project in mind to take photographs. Personally, I like to capture everything that catches my attention even if it's not part of an exhibition project. I understand that a good photography doesn't com from a lucky instant, it comes from our feelings. There is a light that comes from inside and another that comes from outside. The photographer needs booth to show his interpretation of the real word. Entrar

> Gaia

In the ancient Greece they understood Gaia as the group of rocks, lands, rivers, seas, clouds and air where life is born. Is what the scientist call “Ecosphere” and the poets “Mother Nature”. We find it in the work of all kind of artists: painters, sculptors, writers...

Some times I've been said that this is a simple theme and easy to work with it. As a photographer, it seems enough to visit exotic and marvelous places to get extraordinary images. Well, it can help, but I'm sure that the most important thing is the critical eye of the photographer and his personal opinion.

Anyone that is sensible to the ethical and esthetical faces of Nature will find a never ending source of inspiration in it. Entrar

> Home sweet home

The nature tells us about people that live around. Sometimes I find abandoned homes in lonely landscapes and I think about all the things that those four walls would have seen.

If those walls could talk… what would they say? When I get closer they catch me, look at me and whisper to me so I have to try to capture this feeling with my camera. Maybe this is only a way to prolong those life experiences lived by people in their homes. Entrar

> Places in no place

The images that I show you here can be understood as a poetic and metaphoric stroll on a distant planet. But this world of lights that are born and suffer is my world. Inside it you can feel the pleasure of lonliness, I try to stop the time amb merge past and present. I run away from annoying characters and I show silent landscapes of my dreamed universes. Entrar

> Mare Nostrum

These are pictures inspired by the sea that has seen me grow.

We are talking about the Mediterranean , with its shining water, placid and warm and his sand beaches that make us feel in peace with ourselves. But it has also its point of character that is shown on those rocky shores full of strength and mystery.

This sea, cradle of civilizations, deserves his tribute. Entrar

> Light memories, dark times

I've chosen Belchite and Mora d'Ebre to testify about a very important historic fact for the Spanish people as is the Spanish civil war.

In these two villages, the ruins are a silent witness and you can see the horror among them. We can find corners where, without any effort of imagination, you can feel the bombs exploding, the smoke and gunpowder, and the yelling in front of the cruelty… You can almost touch the mixing of love and hate. On those streets in ruins we glimpse power and freedom, death and misery, despair and hope… The revenge, intolerance and threat are mixed with the best that the human spirit can give.

In one word, we can feel the history as the inhabitants lived it, victims of political decisions and military happenings that had nothing to do width them.

I would like to invite you to think about war while watching these pictures. Entrar

> Poetic landscapes

I don't try to make questions or give answers, instead I try to capture thoughts and feelings. I like to rediscover new images in the same places.

I understand landscapes as a stage where the light prints my work's character; a theater were my soul's restlessness is shown. Entrar

> Industrial landscapes

The industrial revolution involved not only social changes, it also changed our landscapes. When we talk about the factory activity we usually thing about production, economic policy, work, consumption… or maybe environment, ecology… The pictures that are shown here try to avoid these concepts and find an intimate vision of this new shape of the landscape. The point is to find the harmony that makes the soul of these places catch the viewer.

The most of these photos are taken at Sant Adrià del Besòs, Badalona and surroundings. ( Barcelona , Spain ). Entrar

> Vegetable kingdom

The idea of paradise is always related width a garden in all religions. The vegetal world uplifts the mind giving us a feeling of happiness and well-being. The plants are deeply related width us, they are a source of life.

Nowadays, the contamination and the advances of the civilization threaten, more than ever, the bigger vegetal reserves in the earth. We need to make a bit of thinking about all this because our future is related very closely to the vegetal world that surrounds us. Entrar

> "To see or not to see"

I show a particular vision of the death in a world where people live as if they were eternal.

It's true that in this modern world we don't feel very comfortable with the image of death. But even if we try to live running away of the idea of death, it will chase us waiting to hit us with all its harshness.

I try to show my feelings and sensations in these pictures. Maybe some questions will arise... or even some will be answered. Entrar